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Build your architecture on SoA principles to minimize upgrade problems and lower TCO

Think Strategic, Act Tactical

Align business goals to technology goals.  Stakeholder ownership and involvement is critical to achieve this.  Build component based architectures to enable “plug n’ play” using strong and repeatable middleware.

Building to a Strategic vision with SoA principles will mitigate the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and mitigate risk of change (which will occur!)

Development of a blueprint to meet your requirements, based on realistic products and developing technologies is critical, but deliver these incrementally.


Why use BankSolve?


· Built strategic roadmaps for several large global banks

· Fully conversant on latest SoA architectures, their applicability to Banks and what pitfalls to avoid

· Understanding of how to fit legacy applications into forward looking SoA blueprints

· Ability to simplify the messages, understanding and value to Banks of Strategic visions

· Cost/Benefit analysis of projects, and assistance in the internal sale


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