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Vendor Management is not a walk on the beach

Vendor management is underutilised

Leveraging a vendor’s capability can reduce the cost of ownership and improve the quality of any implementation.  However navigating these companies can be time consuming and difficult as they are complex and have different success criteria.

Increasing the “vendor power” available to an institution, especially now so much of a Bank’s architecture can be package based can radically improve the success of your projects

Why use BankSolve?


· Excellent knowledge of several vendors footprints e.g.  Oracle, i-flex, Sun

· Detailed knowledge of how to navigate some of the larger vendors e.g. Oracle, IBM etc

· Negotiation advice on how to achieve a win/win scenario

· Defend the TCO over many years by building standardization and repeatability with the vendors of choice.  You typically only get a few opportunities to optimize these choices


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