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8 Downside Rd


Surrey, GU4 8PH

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Alan Payne

MobilePhone: +44 07854 412598


About us

We are a specialist Healthcare IT company supporting open source & custom developed solutions leveraging HL7 & openEHR platforms.

Our core partners, University College London Business & Tolven provide a unique combination of high quality skills, deep industry knowledge, academic rigour & technical excellence.

Healthcare spend continues to increase at an exponential rate.  Demand is increasing due to aging populations, modern diseases while supply of qualified personal & resources becomes ever more scarce.

Traditional methods of Healthcare IT delivery are expensive, time consuming & rarely meet the needs of the client.  It is often the case that the requirements have changed by the time the system has been implemented.

Our solutions challenge these traditional methodologies & concentrate on enabling our clients to solve their problems quickly, cheaply & future proofed against inevitable change.

Consolidating several related unique pieces of IP combined under a service offering will maximize business success