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Alan Payne

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We are an approved partner & cover design, implementation & support across Europe & Asia Pacific.  Tolven’s unique modular model offers our clients a flexible platform with most components already built. 

This platform approach allows for modular plug & play functionality to be delivered on open source & licensed IP products.  The combination enables our clients to deliver lower cost solutions, on more flexible standards based components that are easier, cheaper & far most cost effective to install.

Leveraging the Tolven HL7 architecture we can deliver fast, accurate solutions.  Further information available at





We specialise in creating strong, value added partnerships based on sound business principles;  Win/Win, collaboration, integration & symbiosis


We have a strong collaborative relationship & assist UCLB & UCL with commercialization.  UCLB’s rich heritage & the business arm of one of the world’s most forefront Medical Universities ensure Healthsolve can access some of the best medical minds & resources in the world.


healthsolve LTD

Healthcare.  Solved